You've heard the old adages. Actions speak louder than words. A picture is worth 1,000 words. These statements are accurate, so why do we keep talking at each other?

A lot of information is transferred between those who work in a company by talking. Sometimes people take notes ... But not all the time. How can you make the message memorable? Act it out.

Suppose you have a difficult client. You and your people are trying to figure out how to work with that client. Break the group up into small teams--say, three to four people. Ask the teams to brainstorm for a bit about the best way to help the client understand the need to re-set the working relationship and the benefits to the client for doing so. Ten to 15 minutes is all this should take.

Have each team do a skit, with one team member being the client and the others employees of the company. The skits should be short, lasting two or so minutes at the most.

By problem-solving in small groups and then acting out the message instead of talking about it, you and your people will understand one another better. You will all be able to support the strategy agreed upon. And you will have had some fun.

Regardless of how well the strategy actually works with the client, you and your employees will be on the same page--a page you have acted out AND on.

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