Do you own your business or does it own you? In case you're confused, here's how to determine if you have a business or a job: If your business depends on you showing up every day, then you're working in it when you should be working on it. And if all your time is consumed working in it, who is going to step back and plan for its future profitable growth?

WHO YOU HIRE At some point, to remain in business, you have to hand off responsibility for the crucial positions in your company. No business can expand or grow past its ability to hire, train, and motivate competent management personnel. In other words, owners must replace themselves. That includes you.

The first step is to make a list, which includes job descriptions, of the positions vital to the success of your business. Sales or lead generation will most likely top your list.

If you have a salesforce and you're the one managing it right now, you'll need to replace yourself by hiring a sales manager. Create a job description based on all the tasks you perform in your sales manager role. If you are the salesforce (of one) you'd start by hiring salespeople, with the goal of creating a sales team, with one of the sales reps possibly becoming manager.

If you presently have lead generators, then your goal is to select a manager. If you're the lead-generation department, then you must hire lead generators and plan for a manager for that department. The goal in both scenarios? A program that runs itself.

ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS These are examples of how working on your business can and should start now, with you creating job descriptions for the managers you will at some point be hiring as you grow.

These positions should not just pay for themselves, they should make the business more profitable. A little effort spent on creating a business plan will help you to achieve desired results.

Make your list and start working on your business by replacing yourself in every job except for the one where you're irreplaceable: the success of the business.

—Chuck Anton is a sales and marketing consultant who specializes in the home improvement industry. Reach him at