Courtesy Flickr/ Brenda Gottsabend

Successful want ads are more important than ever in construction. Labor shortages have made hiring quality employees difficult, but with the advice from these industry experts you can attract better applicants to your company.

1. Clarity is key
While it’s important to make your company stand out, don’t sacrifice clarity for creativity. Too much creativity can be a turn-off for applicants, making them feel unsure of the role or even underqualified. “Too much creativity is a negative," says Mark Barnard, president of SnapDragon, a New Hampshire-based recruiting agency.

2. Compel the applicant
You need to make your job desirable. Barnard compares this to a “cover of a book," saying “you need to compel the reader to actually read on.” This means advertising things like company culture, growth potential, and benefits.

3. Provide a path to success
Given the current employment climate, construction firms have to work harder than most industries in attracting employment.

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