Customer service is a key for every company. In the digital age however, unhappy customers have more influence than ever. Take these steps to ensure all customers are satisfied and keep your reputation strong.

1) Identify potentially hostile customers in advance
Have active CRM (customer relationship management) programs in place to identify buyers who may need intervention. The CRM program manages work flow and documents warranty requests, as well as the customer’s history and touchpoints. In addition to CRMs, third-party CSS (customer satisfaction survey) programs allow teams to properly assess performance (absent of bias), gauge low scores, scan the internet for public reviews, and read comments to identify potentially hostile situations. Through examining data and obtaining knowledge of the customer’s experience, the team can determine the status and address issues before they explode.

2) Build your team
Your SWAT team should include a project superintendent, a warranty representative, and an executive from the main office who is authorized to make warranty repair decisions. The key is to assemble a team that will show homebuyers you take their concerns seriously. Also, by involving top-level personnel, the SWAT team will be able to offer solutions and quickly resolve matters without needing additional approval.

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