Bad reviews can have a negative impact on your business. We'vecovered dealing with reviews before, but one of the basic pieces of advice never changes, be cordial and try to solve the problem. That's not what happened to Lifehacker writer Thorin Klosowski after he left a one-star review on Yelp for a contractor he worked with.

Instead of calmly assessing the situation to see what went wrong and how to fix it, the contractor did all the wrong things, even suggesting bribery to make the review go away.

“How much business do you think I’ve lost because of your negative review?” he continued, inflating my ego a bit now, he paused and waited for my reply, “I have no idea,” I said, leaving it at that. The phone line remained dead for a bit as we both tried to figure out what the game was at this point. He thought the ball was in my court now. I was too stunned at this guy’s audacity to reply, and decided to remain silent until he spoke again. When he did, he moved onto another tactic.

Klosowski elaborates further in the comments of the article how the contractor wasn't even really concerned with the quality of the job, just getting the review altered or removed somehow:

Nope! This guy didn’t even bother to get the details of the job or what went wrong. The way I understand the whole thing goes something like this: his social media person (also maybe his lawyer? he said something like, “we have a lawyer who handles these social media things” so I was a little baffled by what even triggered this) told him to contact me. That’s about it. He didn’t know what the job entailed beyond the review. I walked him through it, and then...

His explanation for the poor quality was actually even worse and more vague. After saying, “look we clearly dropped the ball for some reason,” he blamed his underpaid workers. I can’t remember the exact wording of it all, but he basically said something about paying these guys peanuts to do the work and then expecting me to sympathize.

Read the full story over on Lifehacker, it's a good insight in how not to address reviews and a look into how Yelp can be a strange experience for everyone involved.

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