How to Find Quality Salespeople—Fast

Your next superstar salesperson could be looking for a new job online right now Read more

Ask This One Question to Discover a Job Candidate's StrengthsAsk This One Question to Discover a Job Candidate's Strengths

Want to tap into what it is that fires up your potential hire the most? Here’s the... Read more

8 Tips for Running a Productive Meeting

Meeting regularly with all employees, no matter what size your company, is essential to getting everyone up to speed. Some tips for meetings that are productive and lively. Read more

When Good Men Are Hard to Find—and Harder to Hire

Expanding your crew can be more difficult that simply setting up an interview Read more

Branching Out: Tips for Opening a Satellite Location Branching Out: Tips for Opening a Satellite Location

Opening a remote branch can be a highly profitable growth opportunity Read more

Millennial-Driven Housing Boom Coming

A Harvard Joint Center study suggests that there are three factors holding millennials back from being homeowners: a week job market, student loans, and tight lending standards. But as the economy turns around, those obstacles are beginning to disappear. Read more

10 Fastest-Growing State Economies

The national economy as a whole grew 1.8% in 2013, but economic growth in these 10 states outpaced that, sometimes substantially. Not surprisingly, oil and gas drilling had something to do with it. Read more

How to hire and keep the right people

How do you keep good workers when few want to join the trades? Read more

Independent Subs--How Do You Keep the Good Ones?

Increased demand will make independent subcontractors more valuable than ever. Here's how to keep them coming back. Read more

5 Ways to Get People to Remember You And Your Company

Dust off your networking skills with five sure ways to get the person you've just been introduced to--or the prospect you're seeing--to remember you and your business. Find out how to pique their interest, establish commonality, and develop a signature style that makes you memorable. Read more

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