For his syndicated column, Tim Carter answers questions from readers on how to tell the difference between a good and bad homebuilder. These lessons can be applied to remodeling clients and professionals as they go about hiring from the jobsite.

Whether a client is remodeling their home, or building a new one, they are putting in thousands of dollars hoping to fulfill their dreams. Yet, shoddy contractors are all too common these days in the building and remodeling industry. Syndicated columnist Tim Carter writes for the Washington Post on what clients can do to make sure they don’t get ripped-off by contractors.

Carter says the following are sure signs that you are dealing with a “shady or unethical” contractor:

  1. He waffles about putting things in writing in the contract
  2. He asks for lots of money up front even though he doesn’t pay his workers, suppliers, or anyone else in advance
  3. He plays the scarcity card with an offer that’s only good if you sign now.

To see how clients can spot an ethical contractor, click below.

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