The Associated General Contractors of America expects three-quarters of all construction firms will have trouble finding skilled hourly workers this year.

Industry data suggests there are able-bodied people available who could be hired to fill slots in your company. The problem is they're not actively looking for work — employers will have to go out and find them.

Here are a few tips from Jon Dumbauld, president of Communications Integrators, Inc.:

  • Spread the word with your current employees. Chances are good that someone you already employ knows of someone who left the industry during the 2008 recession and would like to come back.
  • Try social media, such as Facebook, rather than more conventional job posting services.
  • Consider hiring a recruiter.
  • If you have someone you can call occasionally when there's a quick job that needs to be done, consider turning that person into a full-time or nearly full-time employee.
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