WeatherProof Roofing in Colorado will offer clients that purchase a new roof before Oct 1 a certificate redeemable for a gun. The new "Get a Roof, Get a Gun!" promotion is the only offer of its kind, owner James Webb told Denver's Fox31 news:

“We are the only roofing company in the country that is offering this. We figured we take a stand on what we believe,” Webb said. “We help protect the outside now we empower people to protect the inside."

The promotion runs until Oct. 1. Webb is partnering with a local gun club to run the appropriate background checks.

Promotional image featured on WeatherProof's website.
Promotional image featured on WeatherProof's website.

According to WeatherProof's website, after the final payment, clients will receive a voucher for an AR-15, hunting rifle, 9mm pistol, or a $500 gift certificate.

To learn more about the promotion, including responses from gun control advocates, head over to Fox31's website by clicking on the link below.

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