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From file "040_rcs" entitled "Managing3.qxd" page 01

A tough phase of transition or change can be one of the most challenging times to lead others. Uncertainty creates an atmosphere of fear, low morale, and brings out the worst in people. Leaders who successfully address organizational change immediately and tactfully can minimize negative effects.

Here's five tips you can use when faced with change:

1. Inform your employees. Tell them as much as you can, as soon as you can. Give them the pros and cons. The key is not to hold back and deliver surprises later. They need to know ASAP.

2. Reassure your employees. Give them the facts and how they fit into the picture, but provide encouragement and keep the positive vibes flowing. Ask for their input. How do they feel about this change?

3. Deliver bad news diplomatically and tactfully. Choose your timing and approach well. Focus on communicating progress and keeping them updated throughout the change process.

4. Define expected results and continuing standards for performance during the change. They still need to have goals and expectations set or redefined. If there's more change on the horizon, let them know early to get them ready.

5. Change is hard, so provide plenty of praise and recognition so they feel valued during a tough transition.

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