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On Second Thought

Leads today are costly, and those costs continue to rise. That's why you should think before you disqualify leads on the phone. Read more

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Blind Spots

Scotoma is an opthalmological condition that roughly translates to blind spots. Want a medical definition? "Portions of the retinal field that are non-functional." Read more

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Be a Servant

What if I told you that you could improve production 30% without additional subs or employees? Ridiculous, right? Read more

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Show Your Stuffcbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

Some salespeople say that every home improvement transaction comes down to price. Do you believe that? Or is it simply a self-fulfilling prophecy of sales personnel who don't understand why the consumer buys? Read more

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With the high cost of leads and sales, I believe that the next frontier for reducing costs and increasing profits is the "future" buyer. There are three types: high sense of urgency to buy, low sense of urgency to buy, and no sense of urgency to buy. Read more

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