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How To Blow A Lead How To Blow A Lead

Organize your efforts, take responsibility for the call and ask for the sale. Chances are that if you do all those you may walk away with a contract. Read more

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The Advantages of Using A Selling System Are Many The Advantages of Using A Selling System Are Many

There are good reasons for having a selling system -- and sticking to it. Read more

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Set Sales Expectations for Success

What makes a great sales manager? Depends on you, your company, and what your expectations are for your salespeople. Read more

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Appointment Prep Appointment Prep

When well-known industry sales trainer Phil Rea makes his first sales call of the day, he still gets "a little jittery" even after 36 years and some 15,000 in-home presentations. To minimize jitters, he prepares by listening to training CDs in the car. "On the way to the appointment, you need to be working," Rea says. "It's part of the job." Read more

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Focus or Fail

Without a doubt, the best sales performers in the home improvement industry are those with one product to sell. Believe it or not, there are salespeople selling $2 million a year in nothing but guttering and gutter protection. How? It's all about focus. The gutter protection reps who sell millions are the ones who get up every morning looking for two houses that need their product. Read more

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