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In Sales Attitude Is Everything In Sales Attitude Is Everything

Self-confidence and the ability to listen are what will increase a salesperson's productivity, regardless of how many calls he or she makes. Read more

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Big Drop? Old-School Big Drop? Old-School

Using steep discounts to win contracts has lost credibility with customers who turn to the Internet for information about the price and value of products and services. Read more

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Tough Cut Tough Cut

With revenue down, companies are out to reduce costs. But where and how isn't always obvious. Read more

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Payback Time Payback Time

Calculating the eventual return on investment in a new salesperson is no longer simple arithmetic. Read more

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Train to Retain Train to Retain

Conventional wisdom has long held that salespeople go where the leads are. But as business conditions soften and the lead flow slows at many companies, contractors must find other ways to keep their best reps from straying. A growing number of companies see a correlation between the depth and breadth of training that salespeople receive and their longevity. Read more

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