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At Ease

When you stop talking and start measuring, customers often get uneasy. Give them something to do. Read more

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To Your Credit

The government's new energy tax credit could be worth a lot to your marketing effort. Read more

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Pay Up

Some make excuses -- "I need to transfer funds." Occasionally some just disappear. They are the customers who haven't given you your final payment. Read more

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LLC or S-Corp.?

Should a home-improvement company be structured as an S-corp. or an LLC? Experts say choosing a form of business ownership depends on several key factors, including tax concerns, potential risks and business liabilities, desire for flexible management structure, and future investment needs. Read more

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Net Profit

Web site not bringing in any leads? Might be time to step up to some new ways to take advantage of your Internet presence and turn it into a genuine lead source. Smart companies are using the Web to track ads, reach out to their community, and target new prospects. Read more

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