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Applying the Same Rules for All Salespeople Applying the Same Rules for All Salespeople

What happens when your star sales rep starts to get out of hand? You can avoid diva behavior by laying down ground rules early. Read more

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Steady Backlog Keeps Crews Busy Steady Backlog Keeps Crews Busy

Setting and maintaining a backlog goal helps home improvement companies keep crews busy year-round. Read more

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Name of the Game: Bidding on Keywords to Market Your Company

How effective is the practice of bidding on competitors' names as keywords so that a homeowner looking for the competing company will also find an ad for yours? Read more

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Optimum Results Optimum Results

Search engine optimization sends Internet users in your direction and should be a critical part of your Web marketing strategy. Read more

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Long Haul Long Haul

You can't run a home improvement business without good installers. Read more

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