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How Reading Homeowner Trends Can Advance Your Company

Information and willingness to act make the crucial difference when managing through lean times. Read more

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Tools for Tracking Performance

Our company uses many types of lead sources, including SFI, show/event leads, direct mail, marriage mail, and canvassing. Yet the productivity of those lead sources depends as much on company culture as anything. We know this because we track our leads in two ways: we benchmark productivity by the lead source as a whole (i.e., SFI leads close at, say, 21%) and by individual salesperson. Read more

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What Does a Lead Cost?cbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

When it comes to determining lead costs, especially by type of lead, most home improvement company owners don't have accurate data. Why not? They don't have a process for giving them that information. And without a process to tell you how much each lead costs, it's difficult to develop a productive and affordable marketing mix and the budget that goes with it. Read more

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Marketing Map Marketing Map

Looking back is important, but so is looking ahead. Start with this question: What's your revenue goal and how do you reach that goal via marketing? Read more

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