Can You Price Yourself Out of the Market?

Home improvement contractors live in fear of having to raise prices. But marketing and selling all the extras you offer relative to competitors might just make a price hike, even a big one, fully believable to your customers. Read more

Tags: Sales
Think You Don't Need an Employee Handbook? Think Again

Even a simple document can protect you from mistakes and lawsuits that could potentially kill your business. Read more

Home Improvement Hits Historic Roadblock

These homeowners thought they'd bought some vinyl siding and vinyl windows. Then they found themselves embroiled in a dispute about a historic district they didn't know they lived in. Read more

Tags: Exteriors
Online Marketing—a Matrix for Contractors

If you're asking "What marketing works for contractors?" Here are some answers. Read more

The Secret to Reselling Past Clients

Communication is key to generating more business with previous customers. Here's how to alert those who've done business with you before to all the other products and services you have to offer. Read more

When Clients Ask, ‘What’s Your Markup?’ Say This

Answer that question with questions of your own. Then show you're the expert. Read more

Tags: Sales
Nest Leads the Launch of a New Internet Protocol for Home AutomationNest Leads the Launch of a New Internet Protocol for Home...

'Thread' takes existing technologies to provide a better way to connect devices in... Read more


The Newly Promoted: How to Teach Them to Lead A growing market means there will be lots... Read more


Flashing a Curved Window Flashing a Curved Window

How do you flash around a curved window with straight flashing... Read more

The State of the Window Market

Despite a slight turn-down to come, these figures show you can count on the window and door market. Read more

Online Calculator for Evaluating Window Performance

When working with energy conscious customers, use this online calculator to make the sale. Read more

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Hail-Resistant TileHail-Resistant Tile

Roof tile designed to withstand hail balls of up to 2 inches in diameter at an... Read more

High-Performance Shingles High-Performance Shingles

Warranted to withstand 130 mph winds with four nails per shingle and a 6-inch... Read more

Installing Soffit Venting

Installing rigid soffit venting is more difficult than it looks. In this three-part JLC Live video, Peter Heard demonstrates an easier way using wire screen. Read more

Demand for Wood Plastic Composites to Hit $6.5 Billion in 2018

Sales of wood/plastic composites, or composite decking, are taking off, set to grow at 10% per year between now and 2018, according to the Freedonia Group, which sees new construction and intensified interest in residential improvement and repair driving the growth. Read more

The Rise of Cordless Power

Major toolmakers launch super-charged batteries. Read more

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