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Latest News

  • EPA Fines 4 New England Firms for Lead-Paint Violations

    Four New England companies will pay penalties ranging from $2,200 to $30,000 to settle allegations that they violated Environmental Protection Agency rules for doing renovations that could disturb lead paint. The announcement is one of several signs that the EPA is stepping up RRP enforcement in...

  • Remodeling Growth to Taper a Bit by Year End, JCHS Forecasts

    Big-ticket remodeling activity is poised to grow by double-digit numbers throughout most of 2014, according to the latests forecast by Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies, before starting to slow next winter.

  • Substituting Synthetic Roof Underlayments for Housewrap

    After stripping the original siding from a 30-year-old house and preparing to install fiber-cement panels, a contractor wonders if he can use a waterproof synthetic roofing underlayment instead of housewrap behind the panels. Here's what an expert had to say.

  • Ryobi P320 Cordless Brad Nailer

    This nailer uses an onboard compression system but weighs just over 5 pounds (excluding battery). An LED lights up the work area, and a switch toggles between single-shot or bump-fire.

  • 6 Secrets to Sell More in Less Time

    These six easy tasks will help you and your sales team make the most of each day and each sales opportunity. They don't require any special skills, just discipline.

  • Why the Color of Your Logo Matters

    How much thought have you put into your company's logo design? You want something that looks professional with a clear font, sure, but what about the colors? It turns out that color matters. This infographic shows how other industries rely on color to get customers' attention.


2012 Replacement Contractor 100

The 2012 Replacement Contractor 100

Our annual list of the nation's top companies. See what's continuing to drive their growth, even in a soft economy.