Latest News

Latest News

  • Fleeing from fire

    It's a roofer's worst nightmare: a fire breaks out on the roof and gusty winds whip it into a blaze that levels an entire apartment complex.

  • Operable roofs

    A unique Australian home gives new meaning to "operable roof window."

  • Don't just grow for growth's sake

    Who wouldn't want to grow business now that the market is picking up? No one. Just be careful how you define "growth."

  • Avoiding credit card security risks

    Most replacement contractors accept credit cards, but do they all know the risks involved?

  • Fighting the Feds over fall-protection

    Arizona's Division of Occupational Safety and Health incited a fight with OSHA by issuing its own fall protection rules. Now that state might lose its authority to oversee worker safety if it does not strengthen its fall protection requirements.

  • Detailing rooftop decks

    The worst dry-rot damage usually occurs where drains and scuppers penetrate the decking.


2012 Replacement Contractor 100

The 2012 Replacement Contractor 100

Our annual list of the nation's top companies. See what's continuing to drive their growth, even in a soft economy.