Why Fall is a Good Time of Year for Window CondensationWhy Fall is a Good Time of Year for Window Condensation

Don't oversell replacement windows as a cure for condensation Read more

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Ply Gem Acquires Simonton Windows from Fortune Brands

The transaction is valued at $130 million, more than one third of Simonton's annual revenues Read more

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When Good Men Are Hard to Find—and Harder to Hire

Expanding your crew can be more difficult that simply setting up an interview Read more

The Customer Goes Silent After You Make an Offer. What Now?

When you jump in too quickly, almost always the signal that you send is you’re willing to make a deal or you’re in a panic to get the order. Read more

One Simple but Powerful Tip for Hiring the Right EmployeesOne Simple but Powerful Tip for Hiring the Right Employees

In many cases the employee is not the one at fault, but rather the construction or... Read more

Roofing With Cedar ShinglesRoofing With Cedar Shingles

Stick with the best shingle grades and use a ventilating underlayment Read more

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Stylish Standing-SeamStylish Standing-Seam

A new twist on a galvanized roof Read more

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The Newly Promoted: How to Teach Them to Lead A growing market means there will be lots... Read more


Flashing a Curved Window Flashing a Curved Window

How do you flash around a curved window with straight flashing... Read more

The State of the Window Market

Despite a slight turn-down to come, these figures show you can count on the window and door market. Read more

Online Calculator for Evaluating Window Performance

When working with energy conscious customers, use this online calculator to make the sale. Read more

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Turkish Tile from Muncie Turkish Tile from Muncie

Colorful roofing tile guaranteed for 50 years against water and frost damage. Read more

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Get Exposed With MFM Co-Branding InitiativeGet Exposed With MFM Co-Branding Initiative

Use your next roofing project as a billboard with MFM's co-branded underlayments Read more

Jobsite OrganizersJobsite Organizers

Made for pros: A convenient way to organize fasteners on the job site. Read more

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Hail-Resistant TileHail-Resistant Tile

Roof tile designed to withstand hail balls of up to 2 inches in diameter at an... Read more

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