Former Lead Paint Manufacturers File Briefs to Calif. Appeals Court

A group of former lead paint manufacturers are appealing a judge’s decision holding them liable for the lead paint in millions of homes in California, saying in briefs this week that the ruling was “improper” and a $1.15 billion remedy “erroneous.” Read more

How to Find Quality Salespeople—Fast

Your next superstar salesperson could be looking for a new job online right now Read more

Contractors Get Creative When It Comes to Weather Contractors Get Creative When It Comes to Weather

Home improvement companies find ways to work in tough winter conditions Read more

7 Common Mistakes That Lead to a Bad Hire

The availability of a great candidate isn’t luck. It’s the planning and the work that you do upfront that makes for a successful hire. Read more

The Problem of Going Into Business With a Friend

Establishing a clear sense of who does what, and when, is key to being successful when two friends establish a business. If trust erodes, the business and friendship could be over. Read more

How to Solve the Disconnect Between Sales and MarketingHow to Solve the Disconnect Between Sales and Marketing

If properly engaged, salespeople have the most to contribute to creating valuable... Read more

Don't Blow Your Cool (or) How Successful People Stay CalmDon't Blow Your Cool (or) How Successful People Stay Calm

Prolonged stress increases your risk of heart disease, depression and obesity. It... Read more

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The Newly Promoted: How to Teach Them to Lead A growing market means there will be lots... Read more


Flashing a Curved Window Flashing a Curved Window

How do you flash around a curved window with straight flashing... Read more

The State of the Window Market

Despite a slight turn-down to come, these figures show you can count on the window and door market. Read more

Online Calculator for Evaluating Window Performance

When working with energy conscious customers, use this online calculator to make the sale. Read more

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Siding Replacement Wars

A long-time exterior contractor in the Twin Cities weighs in on the “epic battle over competing products” which, he says, makes "the Vikings/Packers rivalry look pretty tame by comparison.” Read more

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Nails10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Nails

A complaint by a Mexican-owned company in Missouri prompted a world-wide... Read more

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High-Wind Security for Low-Slope RoofsHigh-Wind Security for Low-Slope Roofs

The harder the wind blows, the better it works Read more

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Tough Shingle Remover Tough Shingle Remover

The tool's fiberglass handle won't warp or swell, like a wooden one might. Read more

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Ducker/AAMA Study Sees Double-Digit Growth for Window Products Continuing

A recent study projects new construction will continue to drive double-digit growth of window products into 2015, though replacement sales will increase in single digits. Double-hung vinyl windows continue to be the most popular window product. Read more

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